If it cracks ...

The successful aid for healing bones. bone4ce works using ultrasonic waves with low intensity and high frequency.

Get better faster!

Pseudarthrosis or delayed bone fractures can be healed faster and better than previously.

Easy to use ...

The aim is to build up bone substance and improve bone quality by increasing blood flow combined with pain relief - very convinient at home.

Painless - no side effects

Therapy using bone4ce is a painless alternative to operations that would otherwise be necessary - the success rate is around 90%.

Clinically proven

Studies and testimonials have been proving for decades that bone fractures heal better using ultrasound treatment. Success with ultrasound therapy 90%.

Selectively aid bone fracture healing with bone4ce ultrasound!

bone4ce application 20 min. The bone fracture treatment should start as soon as possible. Treatment lasting 20 minutes a day has proven to be ideal for the therapy. Flexible applications. bone4ce offers two basic versions. The small transducer is particularly suitable for fractures in smaller bones (hands, feet or the shoulder area). It stays in position better and reduces the strain on the fracture point. The large transducer is more suitable for all other fractures since it is easier to position and easier to handle when mobility is restricted.
Which patients is the ultrasound therapy suitable for? The bone4ce therapy is suitable for all fracture patients who wish to get fit faster for their work or hobbies and for after-care following operations, e.g. hallux valgus. The objective for high-risk patients with bone fractures is to get the healing process started in order to ensure rapid healing. A high risk of pseudarthrosis exists, for example, in the case of fracture patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, those on medication such as steroids or smokers. Plates and screws inserted in operations are not a contra-indication.

Especially suitable for professional groups with high strain!

Security Forces

Security Forces

Functional disability after operation


Daily mechanical overlaod of joints
Armed Forces

Armed Forces

Excessive strain after threats to safety


Physical burdens of work

Convincing benefits

Reduction in treatment and healing times Successful treatment especially in cases of pseudarthrosis, delayed healing and compound fractures Improved chances of healing for high-risk patients Painless application with or without plaster/cast Simple to use at home Improved chances of healing for high-risk patients Best results for nearly 20 years Effect and mode of action scientifically proven No known risks or side effects

Faster fit again for life

bone4ce application 20 min. Reduction in healing time by up to 41% Success with ultrasound therapy 90%

Cost – Insurance systems in Europe, Australia, USA and Canada, etc. have different rules about meeting the costs. High-risk patients and high-risk fractures, private and occupational accidents, fresh fractures and osteotomies - all of these are handled differently according to the country. Please contact your sales partner or our headquarters in Germany if you require further information.