bone4ce ultrasound is suitable for all types of bone fractures: fractures, fractures with healing disorders and pseudarthroses, fractures of healthy and at-risk patients, closed and open fractures, conservatively or surgically treated fractures (excluding cranial and vertebral fractures). The patients treat themselves – usually at home. The treatment is simple and painless.

The bone fracture treatment should start as soon as possible. The bone4ce device has been especially designed for patient self-treatment. Once the ultrasound head has been strapped into position over the fracture site, simply press the on/off button to start the treatment. Treatment lasting 20 minutes a day has proven to be ideal for the therapy. It is a painless application with or wihtout plaster/cast.

Flexible applications

bone4ce offers two basic versions. The small transducer is particularly suitable for fractures in smaller bones (hands, feet or the shoulder area). It stays in position better and reduces the strain on the fracture point.

The large transducer is more suitable for all other fractures since it is easier to position and easier to handle when mobility is restricted.

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