The bone4ce device is an ultrasound therapy device supporting and accelerating the healing process of non-healing or fresh bone fractures. The bone4ce device was developed for an easy use without side-effects.

Usually a bone fracture heals by building new bone-tissue (callus) at the fracture-gap and around the fracture itself. Calcium carbonate will be incorporated into the callus. They say, the callus is “calcifying”. The fissure of the fracture is reduced osseously. Once this process is completed, the parts of the broken bone have merged.

If a patient gets treated by the bone4ce ultrasound device, this device emits low-intensive and high-frequent pulsed ultrasound-waves with an intensity of 30 mW/cm² and a frequency of 1,5 MHz into the fracture-gap. Tests have shown that exactly this ultrasound parameter configuration opens the calcium channel of build-up bone-tissues and accelerates the emplacement of calcium in bone-cells. Therefore, the fracture-gap will be closed faster and the two ends of the broken bone merge together faster.


Low intensive ultrasound waves have been shown to stimulate the healing process of the bone:


  • In an early healing stage (inflammatory phase), the ultrasound waves encourage cells to remove debris and bacteria.
  • In a next stage (reparative phase) the pulses stimulates the bone marrow to produce immature bone cells and cartilage cells, which are essential for bone growth.
  • In a late healing stage (remodeling phase), the pulsed ultrasound waves stimulate the membrane around the bone to seal up the fracture so that immature bone cells can collect and grow.

No electromagnetic fields or currents are introduced into the body. The mode of action is based on a purely mechanical movement at cell level.


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