Faster Fracture Healing

A fracture can heal in two different ways. In the primary or endosteal bone fracture healing, the growing together of the bone fragments mainly from the inside of the bone without callus-formation. If there is still a low relative mobility of the fragments to each other, it may lead to a secondary fracture healing with a callus formation. In the first stage, a hematoma forms between the ends of the fracture. In the second stage, the bone fracture is surrounded by connective tissue. This soft callus is then first converted to mesh bone and in the last step to lamellar bone.

If there is no evidence of bone healing within the normal healing period, this indicates delayed healing. If the fracture healing lasts longer than six months (individually different), one speaks of a pseudarthrosis. The final confirmation of a fracture healing disorder is made by imaging techniques.

Factors that may favor a bone healing disorder:
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Nutrition disorders
• Medications that interfere with wound healing
• Underlying diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis
• Infections in the bone or surrounding tissue


Faster back in life!

With the bone4ce therapy, the bone metabolism can be activated and the bone fracture healing time can be accelerated. Whether at work, family or leisure time, today no one can afford a long time off. An accelerated healing will bring you back to your normal life faster. The healing time is shortened by about one third.


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